Essential Workers & Teachers

Today I had a session with a client who is an overnight nurse. After doing her evaluation and starting the massage, I could tell she was overdue for some self-care. Ironically, she asked me a question that sparked an idea that should have been implemented in the wellness program from the start. She asked me how I maintain my own wellness so I can continue to help others. After the "eat well, sleep well, move well" list of generalized wellness practices, I introduced the Wellness Club concept to her and she seemed very interested to learn more about it.

She told me how her job has put programs and lectures in place for their staff to help their health. However, everything is there on premises, and when her shift is over, she'd rather get out of the building. Understandable, to say the least. She also told me how she and her coworkers have normalized breakdowns in order to get through their shift (i.e. crying in the bathroom) and that, even though they talk about doing things to help themselves out (buying an exercise bicycle), they're exhausted and unmotivated to take care of themselves on their limited time off before their next shift.

She wants to feel better and maintain her wellness in order to have enough energy to do her job that she loves doing. She knows the risks of not taking care of herself, and she sees it at the hospital she works at, knowing that many health problems can be prevented (obesity, high blood pressure, etc.) if an individual stays on a healthy track. There are not many options out there for her, so when she heard about the Monmouth Wellness Club membership program, it sparked an interest for her to find which holistic practices can serve her best.

After the conversation, she drifted into a semi-conscious state of relaxation, and it gave me time to think about how I can help her and others in her position. Essential workers have been overworked to the brink of breakdown for the entire duration of this pandemic. Essential workers are true heroes who kept our society going, risking exposure to COVID-19, with a lot of them working overtime. They deserve to be able to receive the wellness savings that Monmouth Wellness Club offers to its members, as a way to maintain their health, sanity, and energy to keep doing what they do.

Now that the school year has begun, teachers have so much more to do to help their students learn and attend class. The innovation that needed to happen to teach a class has been astronomical. Teachers are extremely important to the development of their students. If teachers have a way of taking care of themselves, they will have more energy to put into their students and classes.

Essential workers and teachers deserve this membership program free of charge. It is a form of gratitude for all that they do for us, day in, and day out. Monmouth Wellness is happy to provide any essential worker and teacher with a free Wellness Club membership so they can access the ongoing savings to holistic products and services that can help them feel better and gain the energy to work as hard as they do.

If you are an essential worker or teacher, please sign up on our website and get access to the membership benefits to create a wellness lifestyle and maintain health and happiness. If you know anyone who is an essential worker or teacher, please let them know of this program and encourage them to sign up.

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