Why Investing in a Wellness Professional is Essential to Our Health By: Courtney Ciandella

We’ve all heard it before. Every yogi, fitness guru, and life coach on our Instagram feeds preaching the importance of self-care and living a healthy and active lifestyle. Filling our screens with inspirational quotes and success stories from others who prioritized their mental and physical health, now feeling “better than ever before.” We always read these posts, sometimes engaging in the comments and giving a thumbs up here and there, but rarely do we consider making these improvements to our own minds and bodies. My social media feeds primarily consist of fellow wellness professionals - those who live and breathe good health. They are the ones that I choose to spend my downtime with that would otherwise be spent mindlessly scrolling through puppy videos and the latest celebrity gossip. Their motivational posts and feel-good energy is what propels me to move forward with my days, despite the difficulties I may be facing in the moment. I believe this is the reason many of us follow the healthy people of the world. We want to be inspired by others that we relate to, whether that be in our physical, mental, or spiritual space. Others that are creating better lives for themselves to assure us that it is possible. We know that consuming their inspiring content only encourages us to be better ourselves, so what holds us back from taking action and investing in ourselves? Everyone has their own personal reasons for not pursuing a wellness plan. Oftentimes work and responsibilities at home steer us away from spending the proper time on our self-care. We don’t believe that a self-care regimen is a priority defining it as salt baths and frequent massages that don’t fit in our days. But self-care goes beyond the physical benefits (although those are amazing and highly recommended). Self-care is also a mental and spiritual journey, which can often be difficult to navigate on our own. Activities such as exercising, meditating, yoga, and journaling are all effective self-care routines that should often be practiced, and professionals in the health and wellness space can guide us in what best fits our needs. We live in a world filled with yoga practitioners that can teach us how to move mindfully with breathwork and inner reflection. Nutritionists who have the knowledge and skills to educate us on the best nutrients to fuel our individual bodies. Therapists and coaches who help us through our anxieties and limiting beliefs, becoming saviors to our mental health. We are blessed with these resources at our fingertips, but in order to fulfill our goals that we see others achieving on Instagram, we need to invest in ourselves. Monmouth Wellness Club was created specifically for those interested in taking that leap. Those who have been consuming the content and engaging in the social media posts, and finally deciding to focus on themselves. The organization is comprised of wellness professionals local to the Monmouth County, New Jersey area who are dedicated to serving others by offering their expertise in various areas. It’s purpose is to connect small wellness businesses, healers, and holistic practitioners to a community of individuals drawn to living an overall healthy lifestyle. The Wellness Club Membership exclusively offers members access to dozens of services and products from some of the Jersey Shore’s most well-respected wellness professionals for a discounted value. It means one-on-one services from those same practitioners that we’ve admired on social media. The experts in their respective fields that we only imagined ourselves working with and dreamed of the results we crave. The small business owners who dedicate their time and energy into helping us live the lifestyles we desire. It’s taking time for ourselves, our health, and our well-being and that’s more rewarding than we ever fantasized through social media. To sign up for The Wellness Club, visit Courtney Ciandella is a certified yoga instructor and freelance writer focusing on mental health and well-being. Follow her on Instagram @courtney_beth_yoga.

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