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Massage Therapy


On-Location, Bradley Beach Office

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Pre-natal, Oncology, Reflexology,

Energy Clearing, Acupressure


Bradley Beach Office

Muscle Contraction and Mobility, Post-Rehab, Range of Motion, Athletic Performance, Neuromuscular Re-education


Bradley Beach Office, Virtual Session

Private • Small Group Yoga Lessons 

Weekly Virtual Offerings

Beginner • Vinyasa • Mobility 

Service Descriptions

Massage Therapy


Swedish: A relaxing lighter style of massage focused on soothing the nervous system and alleviating stress throughout the body and mind. 

Deep Tissue: A therapeutic style of massage intended to soothe muscle spasms and tone muscle tissue, working on trigger points and bringing the body back into alignment.

Hot Stone: A warming, relaxing therapy service utilizing heated river stones as a tool to warm and soften the deeper layers of muscle tissue to alleviate tension and soreness without added pressure.

Pre-natal: A relaxing massage for mother-to-be, positioned comfortably on body pillows, focusing on soothing tension and discomfort, and relaxing the nervous system.

Oncology: A light touch massage to relax the body and aid in lymphatic circulation, customizing the service to fit client's needs.

Reflexology: A therapeutic technique performed on feet, hands, and scalp to stimulate the energy meridians of the whole body.

Energy Clearing: An Eastern bodywork massage to activate Chi by stimulating the body's energy meridians, and Reiki energy clearance through the laying on of hands at specific chakra points.

Personal Training


Mobility Exercise: CRTS™ prepares the client's body for motion by focusing on muscle contraction and muscle awareness to improve range of motion and function. Ideal for post-rehab patients, neuromuscular re-education, athletic performance, alignment, and injury prevention.

Traditional Fitness Training: A traditional version of personalized fitness training that focuses on overall strength, endurance, and balance. Bodyweight exercises, minimal equipment, and optional exercise equipment can be incorporated into customized sessions. Intake and health history evaluated prior to first workout. Excellent for beginners and intermediate clients.

Pre-natal Fitness: A healthy maintenance protocol for overall strength and vitality throughout pregnancy and into post-partum motherhood. Intake and health history evaluated prior to first workout. Excellent for beginners and intermediate pregnant clients.

Assisted Stretching: Gain flexibility and range of motion with Muscle Energy Techniques, acupressure, and assisted stretching techniques.



Beginner Yoga: Introducing your body to traditional yoga asanas with the intention to release tension from the body, strengthen and stretch muscles, and focus the mind
Vinyasa Yoga: Traditionally one breath per movement, Vinyasa yoga is a strong flowing all-level series of asana sequences for the body, mind, and soul
Mobility Yoga: All-level, specifically designed to balance the state of the body to counter the effects of modern living (computer use, commuting, sedentary lifestyle)
Private | Small Group Sessions: Establish and develop your yoga practice with customized sessions tailored to meet your needs and goals. Small group = up to 3 students.
Weekly Yoga Offerings: Regularly scheduled virtual yoga classes, including Beginner, Vinyasa, Lunch Break (45-min. Mobility flow)